Gary Coleman, the 40-year-old star of Diff’rent Strokes, speaks exclusively with INSIDE EDITION in a two part interview about his secret wedding to 22-year-old Shannon Price.

Coleman tells INSIDE EDITION the couple married secretly on August 28, 2007 on a Nevada mountaintop after meeting on the set of one of Coleman’s movies. The ceremony was extremely intimate. Coleman says, “Nobody was around but the minister, preacher, the videographers, the photographer, the helicopter pilot and us. That was all that was there. There was nobody else.”

Price, who actually proposed to Coleman, tells INSIDE EDITION he surprised her with their wedding on her 22nd birthday. “I didn’t know that I was going to be in a helicopter ride and seeing the Grand Canyon and getting married in the Valley of Fire. I had no clue,” says the blushing bride. “I mean I knew that we were getting married, but I thought it would be just a little chapel.”

Coleman, who is only 4’8” tall, admits that this is the first “romantic relationship” he has participated in. “I never got the opportunity to be romantic or feel romantic with anyone…I wasn’t saving myself, she just happened to be the one.”

Price, who stands over 5’7” tall, tells INSIDE EDITION height was never a factor in their relationship. “He was ten feet tall to me because he was sweet and I really liked his personality. That doesn’t really matter to me.”
-Inside Edition